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Professor; Associate Department Chair of Marine Sciences Department

Dr. Arnosti studies the structure and reactivity of macromolecular organic matter and the role of bacterial communities in organic matter degradation. She specifically is interested in: the relationship between chemical structure and the rates and pathways of organic matter degradation by bacteria, the biological production, function and transformation of carbohydrates, the application of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to structural characterization of organic macromolecules.

Work in the Arnosti lab focuses on microbially-driven carbon cycling in the ocean. She uses chemical and microbiological methods to investigate the chemical structure and reactivity of high molecular weight organic matter, and to determine the role of microbial communities in organic matter degradation in seawater, marine sediments, and (sometimes) in freshwater locations.

Phone: (919) 962-5754
Fax: (919) 962-1254
3117A Venable Hall, CB#3300
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3300